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Hi friends, I’m Brian:

This is my personal page where I review wines. No selling, just my honest opinion. I post these because people around me like the wines I like and they know if I say it is good or bad, they can count on the same experience. Please try the wines I suggest and if you find you like the same stuff I do, you might want to stay tuned and link up. PLEASE LEAVE AN OPINION OR COMMENT on the wines you like or don’t like.

Wine is a great passion of mine. I like bolder wines from California Cabernet’s as well as the old world type wines like Barolo and Brunellos. I don’t spend much time tasting 10 dollar type wines. Most of the wines I  focus on are in the 30-60 dollar range and I try to hit some 100+ dollar wines a few times a month. Fortunately, I am surrounded with other serious wine lovers who enjoy outstanding wine and I get many opportunities to try various types of great wines.

I currently cellar about 1500 wines and my collection is growing. I have wines as high as $1500.00 per bottle like an 82 Chateau Petrus. Most of my wines are in the $60 range. My quest is to find and share 30-60 dollar wines that are as good as the 100 dollar plus wines. Let me know if you know of any because I would love to hear from you and review them.


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