Azzaro Vineyards Limited Reserve Zinfandel 2006 , 90 points

2006 Azzaro Vineyards Limited Reserve Zinfandel

(USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Valley)

Big bold Zin.  Nice experience and a pleasant surprise.  I have never had this zinfandel before.  I am more of a fruity Napa Cabernet lover but this Zinfandel got my attention. Very small producer.  Only 125 cases of the zinfandel at about 40 bucks a bottle.   Very fruity on the nose.  Dark and bright at the same time.  Kind of a deep red fruit on the nose with hints of bell pepper and spicy ground pepper. Some nice espresso. Nice deep ruby color.  Little darker than a typical Zinfandel.  I tried a glass right from popping the cork and it WAS BIG AND HOT.  The tannins hit hard right away.  It was an explosion and the heat and flavors were a little disjointed in the beginning.  Went back to the wine 30 minutes in and it had calmed down and was very good.  Heavy sour cherries with coffee and a great round out of chocolate and anisette.  Still a little hot but it has high alcohol content and is still a young wine.  Hot and fruit forward start,  boldness lingers through the mid palate and has some good hang time through to the finish where the coffee and espresso comes out and the tannins jingle the sides of the tongue.

2 hours later…  Just tried again and this wine got really smooth.  Just started to get a touch stale in the glass.  Peaked about 1 to 2 hours.  Good effort by the producers.

If you can get your hands on this wine you should try to and cellar it for a 3-5 years.  Definitely worth a try.

Site might not be up yet but keep trying them…   Or, here is their direct number 415.747.0815


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