Chateau Changyu-Castel Cabernet Germischt 2003, 88 points

2003 Chateau Changyu-Castel Co. Ltd Beiyujia vineyard, Shandong Province
(China, Yantai)
A friend suggested this China Cabernet Germischt. I questioned it at first, but I was surprised. The color is a bright ruby red. Nice Bordeaux nose of black pepper, green peppers and lettuce as well as some banana.  After 30 minutes opened up with some plum then got velvety and soft. Quality nose. The palate is a softer darker Bordeaux. Not a lot of fruit but the sides of the tongue experience a very unique burnt cedar feel with black currant and some really ripe cherry. Not a sour cherry. Nice smoky feel to this wine. The mid palate does not really exist and the finish lingers nice with a nice spice cigar feel. After the 30 minute mark this wine went way chocolate on the finish and the tannins dipped into the background a bit.  30 minute mark this wine soared. Cool bottle as well. It is a black frosted bottle.  Even with a little mineral hanging of the back of the tongue on the finish, overall this is a good wine.  But what makes it great is that it is 20 bucks.  Definite try if you can find it.

Chateau Changyu-Castel Cabernet Germischt, 2003

In 1892  well-known overseas Chinese merchant, Mr. Chang Bishi, made an investment by establishing Changyu  Pioneer Wine Company. The name Changyu is formed from his surname “Chang” and the Chinese character, which means “prosperity”. Mr. Chang saw that the eastern province of Shandong had ample sunlight, suitable temperature, moderate humidity and the perfect soil quality for growing sweet, aromatic grapes.

This Cabernet Germischt is produced from a grape variety that originated in France over one hundred years ago. This rare grape is no longer grown in France, however, it still flourishes at the Chateau Changyu –Castel’s Beiyujia Vineyard located in Shandong Province, China. This light bodied, old-world style wine is actually a relative of today’s Cabernet Franc, which is widely grown around the world.

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