Chateau Clinet 1995, 89 points (France, Bordeaux, Libournais, Pomerol)

1995 Chateau Clinet

(France, Bordeaux, Libournais, Pomerol)

This 95 Chateau Clinet was a well balanced soft wine.  The color was deep purple and was muddy giving it a brown hue.  What I expected for this 95.  The nose was delightful and earthy, with green peppers, Lavender and a strong dirty wet leaves feel, kind of a wet cigar.  Very earthy and intriguing.   We decanted for about 20 minutes and did not get much of a change from right out of the bottle.  This wine drop off in about an hour.  The palate was eloquent, velvety and soft.  However I felt it was at its peak which is too bad because I could not get this score into the 90s.  Had very smooth transitions and was very balanced.  Veggie forward with flowers, cedar, tobacco, green pepper, and some espresso.  Little blackberry, Asian spices and soil through. This is a solid wine and I enjoyed it but can only score it an 89 because it just did not jump out enough.  Nice multi-layers but I would have liked more fruit in it.  Borderline at 130 bucks.

Review From Jon Butcher:

We tasted the 95 Clinet right out of the bottle, while we were decanting it. The nose was nice (I thought I detected a lot of round Merlot). We got lots of black fruit on the attack (blackberry, black cherry), quickly followed by notes of coffee, leather and earth. The finish was flat, but the wine was pretty tight, so we were looking forward to seeing how it opened up…

I served the 95 Clinet with a Spanish piaya dish… We realized right away that it was the wrong wine for the dinner, so we decided to let it breathe for a while and opened a nice Rose to accompany the piaya. We revisited the Clinet from time to time during the meal to check it’s progress and continued with it after dinner and through dessert…

We were never really impressed with how this wine unfolded. We thought the fruit might come forward as it opened up, but it never really did. After about 90 minutes, it was fully open, but it just wasn’t overly impressive. The finish was never overly pleasant – even after an hour and a half.

Definitely better than everyday wine, but I’d rate it 88-89.

Chateau Clinet

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