Concannon Vineyard Petite Sirah Limited Release 2004, 85 points

Color was very deep red/purple.  Can’t even see through it.  The nose at open had blackberry,  a little cherry and alcohol, and a very unique smell that smells like a perm for hair with some ammonia.  Really strange.  The palate was short that went very bad at the finish like metal.  The start is lush with some fruits and it is soft.  The tannins were under control and not overbearing at start and kicked in on the mid palate. The mid palate was a little sharp with some tobacco and no fruit. The finish is bitter and all metal.  I mean lots of metal with a bad after taste.  This wine feels new world industrial and even at 11 bucks I would stay away.  This wine is a pass for me at opening.

Hour later did not get mush better.  Sorry.


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