Feudi di San Gregorio Serpico 2001, 89 points

2001 Feudi di San Gregorio Serpico Campania IGT

(Italy, Campania, Campania IGT)

Had this Serpico with some chicken catchatori and spinach ravioli. We decanted the wine for 30 minutes.  The nose was pleasant and kind of soft.  Had blackberries at first with Cinnamon and lavender. Little earthy and had an old world nose.  The palate did not explode like I expected a super Tuscan to do.  It was softer and felt mature but the palate was more floral at first and not much bang to it.  More blackberries and black current at first with some leather and dirt, and then the wine transitioned to more blueberries in about 20 minutes and the floral disappeared.  This wine went stale in the glass much faster than I liked.  About 20 minutes after pouring it was not doing much at all.  Over all the wine was good but I just could not get it into the 90 point range and I think this wine is borderline for the money.


Here is another review from a friend:

Serpico Dei Feudi Di San Gregorio 2001/Umbria

We decanted this wine for about 40 minutes before serving it with roasted lamb, saffron risotto and root vegetables in a simple lamb broth.
I must admit straight away, I did not like this wine AT ALL and I am shocked that Parker gave it 98 points.
It had almost NO nose… Flavors of pepper, unripened black fruit, leather, earth and graphite. All very tight, tart and unpleasant. We almost gave up on it and opened another bottle, but we didn’t – and toward the very end of the meal (and the bottle) it seemed like it might be coming around… Maybe we were just buzzed and happy by then, but we detected a little anise (licorice) coming out in the nose and the fruit seemed to come forward a bit… There is a possibility that this wine could benefit from 2 hours in a decanter before being served.

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  • Hi
    My name is Antonio Capaldo, I am the chairman and owner of Feudi di San Gregorio.
    Thank you very much for writing of us.
    I am sorry to hear that you were somehow disappointed about the mismatch between the review and your tasting.
    However, Serpico is different from any SuperTuscan as it is from a different region (Irpinia in the South of Italy) and some of the characterics you outline are basically typical of our wines and our soil/climate. I think this score was a “prize” to our territory but I agree that it is very different from many other “classical” Italian wines.
    It would be a pleasure for me to send over some other vintages/other wines to share a more comprehensive view on our wines and our territory overall. And if you happen to be near Naples just write a line and come and visit us.

    Ciao and thank you once again

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