Goldeneye (Duckhorn) Pinot Noir 2005, 88 Points

Goldeneye (Duckhorn) Pinot Noir 2005

(USA, California, North Coast, Anderson Valley)
Nice Pinot. The wine jumped right out at you because it was very hot and bothered. The nose was leathery with chocolate and espresso. It was fun to smell and very different in a quality way. The palate was better than most pinot noirs because it was not thin and weak. I’m not a huge pino fan but this Pino Noir was exciting to me and I can’t wait to open another. This Goldeneye really had some life to it except it was a little disjointed and the tannins over powered the taste with the spice. Lots of oak, black licorice, leather, plum, vanilla and some coke. It’s definitely an experience but overall not a super quality wine, just good. I would try it just for the experience of a different Pino Noir.  Other duckhorn

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