J Keverson Zinfandel 2006, 88 points

Heard from John Hazelewood at the vineyard on a post about the Sangiovese.  He mentioned to try the Zinfandel.  He was right and the Zin is much better and has more character than the Sangiovese.  This wine still had the same feel as the others in that they are very tasty compared to the look.  The color is a touch thin and sets you up for a failure but it’s not that way on the palate.  Light purple on the color with hits of bright purple around the edges.  The nose hit me immediately with a Windex smell to it.  This wine have a very clean, crisp, sharp feel to it.  It’s really interesting.  After the Windex the cherry and ceder come through. And consistent with their other wines, the palate is crisp and tasty.  Cherry hits you hard and the cedar matches the nose.  The fruit is plentiful and is still a touch industrial to me.  I just don’t know,  I taste tons of wine and this producer has me baffled because overall it seems like this wine should not be as good as it is.  Its different and I can’t put my finger on it.  I want to visit them and gain some clarity.  Try this wine out because it is worth the money.

The J. Keverson Sangiovese post:


From J. Keverson’s site: Web Site

Production Notes: Picked at 23.4 brix on October 26 2006. Crushed, then cold soaked for 4 days. The brix raised to 26.4 after cold soak. Fermented for 12 days then pressed and put into 40% new oak, 40% 1 year old and 20% netural oak barrels. 80% American oak. Barrelled for 15 months. Bottled on Feburary 14, 2008. Winemakers Notes: Sourced from Hales Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley, this lighter-bodied zin pleases the nose with aromas of back pepper, cinnamon, cloves, red cherry/berry, slight tobacco, guaiacol, cedar box, and anise. Like our award winning 2005 vintage, this is a well-balanced fruity zin. The alcohol is in check, not dominating and the acidity keeps this wine lively and fruit forward.

Released on May 25, 2008, this zin is a delicious summertime complement to barbecue beef or a leg of lamb with a berry sauce as well as a nice prosciutto or swordfish. For mid-week enjoyment, pair it with your favorite pizzas and pastas. On the bocce court, friends will love it with sharp cheeses such as teleme or aged gouda. Enjoy with friends now or cellar through 2013.

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