Just received my Schramsberg Vineyard shipment and newsletter

I just received my club member newsletter today from Schramsberg Vineyard.  I am overloaded daily with information and it is very rare that I get the time to read what comes across my desk.  However I stopped and read this month’s edition and I remembered that I read the last few months as well.  Why?  Well it hit me this time that Schramsberg makes you feel like part of the family.  It is not a newsletter about how great their sparkling wine is.  It’s much more with a picture of the Davies family on the cover, letters from other members,  Pictures of them at home, great ideas from other members, links to sites with valuable information, Riddler’s circle, information about the wine they just shipped me this month, recipes of dishes that match this month’s shipment, and much much more.  Then personally signed by the team.  Of course they do just the right amount of up-selling but overall they make you feel like you don’t want to cancel being in the club.  Very well balances and tastefully done.
Needless to say I have been a Schramsberg club member for years.  There product is outstanding but do you ever notice you like a particular wine more because of an experience you had while visiting their vineyard or having a dealing with them that you remembered?  Just goes to show that there is more to a winery than just what is in the bottle.  It is a bigger experience and good memories.  That is one difference that Schramsberg has over many others that don’t focus on an outstanding experience for their followers.
Share with all of us if you feel the same whey and an experience you had that makes you like a particular wine more.

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