Morgan Pinot Noir Garys’ Vineyard 2006, 88 points

2006 Morgan Pinot Noir Garys’ Vineyard

(USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Lucia Highlands)

Just had this wine while sitting on a bail of hay at a private jazz concert with Peter White on Catalina island. I think the full moon added to the wine experience because this pinot had lots of character. The nose was great with tons of floral hints including violet. That mixed with a little barnyard made for an interesting nose. The wine was tight right at opening but then opened up nice and the bark and chocolates came out. The palate start was fruity with raspberry and sweet cherry, crisp and fresh. It transitioned to the mid palate quick and the wine went a little dark on the transition and finish but still good quality. The finish had espresso and chocolate with bark. Little foresty on the finish. At 60 bucks it is borderline for me but it was still a very nice pinot and a good experience.


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  • Gretta says:

    Thɑnks, this is the worst thing I’ve read

  • Kory says:

    I’m not that mᥙch ߋf a onlіne reader
    to be Һоnest Ƅᥙt ʏоᥙг ѕіtеѕ really niϲе, κееρ іt ᥙⲣ!
    Ⅰ’lⅼ go ɑһeаɗ and ƅоߋҝmaгқ үοuг ѕіtе tο ϲomеe Ƅɑcҝ latеr.
    Ꮇany tҺаnks

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