Neyers Zinfandel High Valley Vineyards 2006, 88 points

Nyers2006 Neyers Zinfandel High Valley Vineyards

(USA, California, Napa Valley)

Deep purple and more like a Cabernet. The nose has strong black currant, plum, green pepper and a little strong on the alcohol. Nice velvety zinfandel with a dark side. Lots of tree bark on this and it is a solid zin. Not shy or thin. Very bold with character. The palate has fruits and nuts. Not a strong pepper on this zin which is nice. Pretty balanced. Darker fruits, chocolate and blueberries. Tight tannins on the finish and it needs some time to open up. Finish is tight. This wine will be outstanding in a few years. Very nice effort and above average for a zin. Worth a try.

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