Opus One Overture 2001, 87 points

2001 Opus One Overture

(USA, California, Napa Valley)

Had the Opus little brother.  Definitely not Opus but I think Overture is a better value for 45 bucks than Opus is for 150.  The color of this wine was constant with Opus but a little thinner.  The nose was a little more like a Bordeaux with light fruits.  This wine did come off  a little industrial though. It needed to open up a little and I would not open and pour.  After about 30 minutes it opened up a little and was a constant cab.  Little hot on the tannins. The wine was a little metallic and not real strong on the fruit. Had some veggies and some light tobacco.  This wine is good and much better than an everyday wine but I would be hesitant to have too many bottles at 45 bucks.  Try it out for the experience but don’t load up on it.

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