Palmaz Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Gaston 2002, 89 points

Palmaz Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Gaston

(USA, California, Napa Valley)

My second tasting of Palmaz but this is a 2002.  Quality from the start. Nice soft and balanced wine, I emphasize soft. No one flavor or characteristic comes out which made this feel like a real quality wine with very good balance. The nose was mild with light oak, more like American oak with floral, eucalyptus and cherry. The color was mild to dark purple and  still a little cloudy.  The palate had cherry on the start and is a little on the dry side.  Feels like it wants a couple years.  Oak was prominent and fell in line with the nose on the floral side. A touch tight at opening. This Palmaz has a dark mystery about it.  It is way beyond a table wine and has characteristics that are different than most Napa cabs. Not over the top and good quality.  I still say this wine may be a touch expensive  at 100 bucks a bottle but that does not mean it is not good.

1 Hour later.  The nose went more floral and oak with less fruit.  The palate got VERY soft and the tannins came more into line.  Got softer and better.

2 Hours later.  Real soft but went stale fast. All oak and no fruit.  Looks like 45 minutes is the magic number on this 02 wine in 2009.

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  • Alan says:

    Thanks for the review on this wine. I am curious since I know the winery, did you taste 2001 or 2002? You wrote about 02 but showed a picture of 01.

  • Brian says:

    That was the only picture I had. I originally tasted the 2000 and just tasted the 2002.

  • Maxalicious says:

    Hey there Brian… Is that the Schramsberg Frog that you have as a profile pic. I lived out in yountsville(the home of the french laundry) back in 2001. The gentleman that i was rented a cottage from gave tours there. I also worked at a place called tra vigne. I am definately about the great wines from 30 – 60 price range. I have also fiund a few that are under 30 too. Have a great day. And you guys over there are so hard to get a hold of.
    “Making The World A Tastier Place”
    Max Canter….aka..Maxalicious

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