Sierra Vista Merlot Estate Bottled 2005, 88 points – Reserve

2005 Sierra Vista Merlot Estate Bottled – Reservesierra vista wine

(USA, California, Sierra Foothills, El Dorado County)

Very different Merlot.  Not a typical fruity Napa feel.  This Merlot is a softer more earthy feel.  The nose has cucumber, rose stems and a little baby diaper.  The palate has green pepper soft cherries and tobacco.  Balanced feel.  Also has some ceder in it. Long transition and the finish has some lingering tannins and tobacco on the middle of the tongue. Good for the money.  It’s not a typical same ole Merlot and it has some earthy characteristics.

From their site:

This wine is lovely, soft, and  fruity  with dramatic berry flavors.   We have three of the better Merlot clones in the estate, hillside vineyard that add complexity and finesse.  Older oak cooperage is used to moderate oak influence.  This is a versatile wine with many nuances to go with a variety of moderately seasoned foods including duck, lamb and pork entrees or try it with herb-roasted or barbecued chicken and of course hamburgers. We also make a RESERVE version that is more intense, complex and smoother than the one listed above.

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