ZD Reserve Pinot noir 2006 wine review, 88 points

2006 ZD Wines Pinot Noir Rosa Lee

(USA, California, North Coast, Carneros)

Tasted this Reserve Pinot Noir at the winery in Napa and this wine first hit me with “I want more.” I felt it was a solid syrah and a better quality than most Pinot Noirs I had. Lots of plum and sour cherries but it did also have a healthy level of oak. On the verge of too much oak. The palate definitely exploded right away and it was crisp with the fruit coming through strong. I liked the overall quality but it was bordering on industrial and fake. It is limited and its worth a try but on the high side for price. 70 bucks a bottle. If you are a pinot fan this is one you should try.

The winery was nice. Very professional and clean and it was a new feel and not the feel of an older chateaus type of place. I did feel a little un-special in the tasting room though. It was kind of like “move ‘em in move ‘em out” and they really pushed the sale.

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  • Thank you for the review of one of our family’s wines.

    I would like to confirm the wine you have written about since it is a little bit unclear. We have not produced a Rosa Lee Pinot Noir since 2004 and it was a light fruity wine that retailed in our tasting room only for $20.

    Since 2004, we have been producing both a red and white wine under the Rosa Lee (mom) designation and the varietals being produced change every year. 2004 Rosa Lee Zinfandel, 2005 Rosa Lee Riesling, 2005 Rosa Lee Petit Verdot, 2006 Rosa Lee Sauvignon Blanc, 2006 Rosa Lee Syrah, 2007 Rosa Lee Gewurztraminer, Coming 2007 Rosa Lee Petit Syrah, 2008 Rosa Lee Viognier, 2008 Rosa Lee Mouvedre. These wines are all small production and only sold by the winery.

    Based on your wine description, I am guessing you were writing about our 2006 Reserve Pinot Noir which retails in our tasting room for $60. Since you mention Syrah in your description, it is also possible you were tasting our 2006 Rosa Lee Syrah which was released and sold out last Spring.

    More importatnly, I would like to follow up on the last sentence of your blog which gives me great concern. “It was kind of like “movem in movem out” and they really pushed the sale.” We apologize for not providing the best experience you had while visiting wineries in the Napa Valley.

    We are a family owned and operated business that cares about the quality we deliver at every level of our business. This includes our dedication to supporting our community, our organic farming practices and environmental awareness, the quality of our wines, how we take care of our employees, and how we take care of our customers. We will be working hard to make sure our future visitors don’t have the unfortunate experience you had when visiting ZD Wines. Please let me know when you can visit ZD again in the future and we will take great care of you!


    Brett deLeuze
    President / Partner
    ZD Wines

  • Brian says:

    Yes Brett:
    Correction. This was the reserve pinot. We updated the prices as well.

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